To us, sustainability means the attentive handling of the markets’ and our customers’ needs. Accordingly we assign a central role not only to ecology, but also to economic aspects. Supported by our sustainability principles, we create new opportunities for our customers. All Kömmerling sheets are characterised by an effective CO2 balance. Our goal is to provide our customers with perfected ecological and cost effective solutions that create trust sensibly and responsibly – with a clear conscience.

In 2004, we completely eliminated the heavy metal lead in the virgin material for all of our windows, using since then stabilisers based on calcium and zinc. We therefore reduce the annual extraction and consumption of lead by 6,500 tonnes – equivalent to over 160 truckloads. Of course, windows produced free of lead exhibit all of the classical cost-effective advantages of the material PVC-U, including durability, low maintenance, high cost effectiveness, and extremely good thermal insulation.

There are no toxic or harmful substances in KömaCel, KömaTex, KömaPrint and KömaDur that can be given off over the long term. KömaCel, KömaTex, KömaPrint and KömaDur are free from formaldehyde, asbestos, lindane, PCB, PCP and CFCs. What’s more, they are cadmium and lead-free and are also made without any monomers, biocides or plasticisers.

This is why KömaCel, KömaTex, KömaPrint and KömaDur pose absolutely no hazard to people or the environment, neither during their manufacture, while in use, nor during the recycling process. Old sheets no longer in use or left-over sections of sheets can be recycled without any problem: they are ground up in shredders and cutting machines before being returned to the production process to make new sheets. This closed material cycle is not only economical, but ecological, too.